The Constantia Absolute Return Fund has been providing investors with cost-efficient access to the best hedge fund investment talent we can find since 1996. Constantia Composite provides a diverse, cost efficient exposure to most hedge fund strategies.

(a sub-fund of Constantia Fund Limited)


The Constantia Composite Fund targets total returns on capital of United States 3-month Treasury Security yield plus 4%-6% per annum over any rolling three-year period with a target annual volatility of 3.5%-7.5%.

Investment philosophy

The investment philosophy is focused on deriving benefit from managers who have consistently provided alpha relative to both the markets and peers. The benefit of being independent and not aligned with any one manager provides investors with the comfort that capital will always be allocated to those managers whom it is felt are best able to cope with the current environment.

Portfolio management

The fund invests in a selection of third party fund of hedge funds. These independent hedge funds are blended together through sophisticated portfolio construction techniques. This results in the fund benefiting from exposure to the macro-economic views, skills and disciplines of a combination of hedge fund businesses.

The combination of a competitive management fee at the fund level and significant bulk fee rebates negotiated from the underlying funds results in investors gaining access to a spread of high quality hedge funds on a very cost efficient basis.

Fund characteristics

  • BVI public fund
  • Monthly liquidity
  • Subscriptions require 3 business days’ notice prior to month end
  • Redemption require 45 business days’ notice prior to month end
  • Minimum investment of US$30,000 (or Sterling/ Euro/Yen equivalent)
  • Available in US Dollar, Sterling, Euro and Yen share classes.
  • Outside of the scope of EU Savings Directive

Landing Form

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